“Climb Your Rock” is a way of life for us and for those who want to become a little bit better every day. We love extending our philosophy to our friends with all levels of abilities.

We have an experienced, encouraging, and patient staff, who are happy to show care takers and climbers how they can participate in the sport of climbing.

Email Hailey@climbyourrock.com, or come to our ADAPTIVE OPEN GYM Fridays from 2pm-4pm and let us help you and your climber discover your abilities.  

We welcome climbers ages 4 and up. 

We adapt the sport of climbing in a couple of ways:

  1. The ARC Harness by Misty Mountain allows a climber without the use of lower body to ascend ropes using an assisted pulley system.
  2. Climbers with strength and motor skill disabilities can utilize a ‘side climber’ to aid hand/foot placement and a low resistance belay to aid the climber in carrying their weight.