Strength, Power, Perseverence.

The series is comprised of 4 competitions where climbers compete in both individual and team standings.  

Teams are typically formed around schools, although your school does not have to have a climbing team for competitors to participate.  

FREE pre-season competition and preview night so everyone can get a feel for the gym and the format and experience competitive climbing if you have never competed before.

Season Competition Dates:

Pre-season / Preview night:    Aug 22nd,  6pm-7:30pm

Comp 1:           Sep 21st,   8am-11am  (Redpoint)

Comp 2:           Oct 19th,   8am-11am  (Redpoint)

Comp 3:           Nov 16th,   8am-11am  (Redpoint)

Comp 4:           Dec 7th,     8am-11am  (Redpoint)

Finals:              Dec 7th,    4pm-5:30pm  (Onsight)

Boulder Scoring (Redpoint):

  1. Climbers will compete for a 3-hour block of time with problems of varying difficulty. They will have an unlimited number of attempts to complete as many problems as possible.
  2. There will be a minimum of 35 problems. The problems will be ordered to gradually get more difficult. Each problem will receive a point value. As the difficulty increases, so does the problem score.  
  3. Points are awarded for the completion of problems, only.
  4. Each Competitor will have a scorecard of all the problems listed, and completion must be signed off by 2 fellow competitors or 1 officiating judge.
  5. Final score is the total of the top 5 completed problems. Attempts will be recorded, but only reviewed in the event of a tie. Climbers with the same score will be ranked according to fewest attempts.
  6. In order to “start” a route, climber must have control of start hold(s), and have both feet on the wall. Problems requiring a sit start will be indicated.
  7. In order to receive full points for a route or problem, a climber must match (control with both hands) on the finish hold or box.
  8. In order to give credit for a problem, a judge must see the entire problem Climbers must verify that the judge is observing before climbing the problem. If the judge does not observe the start of the problem, it will count as a trial but not a completion, even if the problem is completed.

Team Scoring:

  1. Teams will be separated into two divisions:
    • Middle School 
    • High School. 
  2. Middle and high school team score is determined by the total score of the top five (5) climbers, male and female, for each of the 4 competitions.

Competitions pricing is based on the number of comps that you will participate in.  Your series score will be the total of your top 3 comps. (Lowest score is dropped)

4 comps or more:     $120       
3 comps:                   $100
2 comps:                   $70
1 comp:                     $35                        

The Preview night is a free event.  If you want to experience climbing competition before registering for the series, simply register for the preview night only.

Current Series Standings:

Current Standings will appear below as scores from the season are updated.