The backbone of our Scholarship Program...

… is partnership with businesses like yours in our community with a two-fold mission.

     1)  Provide climbing for your team and their families
     2)  Provide climbing to those who cannot afford memberships

We do this by providing group membership rates knowing that different families or individuals will participate at different times.  This allows your team to share a pool of memberships, giving them (and their families, if you like) access to the gym and services as long as they are a member of your company.

With this base of memberships established, we are free to offer scholarships on your behalf to kids in our community that cannot otherwise afford access to climbing, or many other sports for that matter.  We don’t want finances to be the reason someone doesn’t climb. 

100% of your membership payment is applied to scholarships.  This means every dollar you spend has the dual benefit of helping your team and helping your community.

Participation rates start as low as $199/month for up to 24 team members. 

To learn more about the Community Scholarship Program, contact Travis today.

Indoor climbing
  1. Benefit your Team: 
    1. An active lifestyle for your team members means
      1. Improved productivity
      2. Reduced injury rates
      3. Improved mental focus / capacity
      4. Improved attitude / outlook on life
    2. Obstacles to traditional gym participation that an Ascent partnership resolves
      1. No mental engagement (monotony)
      2. Cuts into family time
  2. Provide opportunity to students and families who have trouble affording it since we apply your funds to scholarships:
    1. Growth opportunities
      1. Confidence building
      2. Non-traditional athletes
      3. Problem solving
      4. Collaborative solutions