You. but stronger.

Earn 2 months of free membership while you train your mind and body.

Ready to overcome your fears and push your limits?  Join our community, and take the growth challenge.

It’s simple.  Join us Monday and Wednesday nights to work toward your goals and meet some friends along the way.

Membership is required.  Sign-up as a non-member will include your 2-month prepaid membership, activated on the day you select.

We promise to provide: 

  1. A supportive community
  2. A Weekly coaching structure
  3. Group sessions
  4. A fresh set of routes regularly so you can work on new challenges
  5. We will credit your investment back to your account for the next 2 months of your climbing membership after you attend all of the coaching sessions (2 per week for 2 months).

We ask that you:

  1. Climb with the group twice a week for 2 months with our relaxed coaching structure 
  2. Commit to being present, encouraging, disciplined, and willing to learn
  3. Make the group sessions a priority in your schedule.
  4. Keep climbing with us and provide accountability and encouragement for new members to the challenge
  5. Apply what you learn to beat your life-challenges into submission
  6. Encourage others to do the same
  7. Tell us your story!

Want to see what it’s about?  Just get a day pass by 7:00 on Monday or Wednesday night, and join the group for the night.