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The Ascent is hosting a Fall Bouldering League for Elementary-aged climbers that would like to try a competition in a fun, encouraging environment!

Competitive Climbing Leagues for elementary school are OPEN TO ALL CLIMBERS grades 1-5.  

Competition Dates:

Pre-season:    Aug 23rd,  5:30pm-7:30pm

Comp 1:           Sep 21st,   12pm-2pm

Comp 2:           Oct 19th,   12pm-2pm

Comp 3:           Nov 16th,   12pm-2pm

Comp 4:           Dec 7th,   12pm-2pm

Coaching is available for ASCENT MEMBERS with program packs beginning the week of Aug 25th.  See details below.

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Preview Night

Fri, August 23rd – 5:30pm-7:30pm


Preview Night is a free event for 1st – 5th graders and their parents to experience our Recreational Climbing Leagues in an informative, hands-on, and obligation-free setting.

The night begins with an overview of the leagues, safety orientation, and an explanation of the rules in competitive rock climbing. Climbers meet their new coaches and experience what the leagues are all about.

Parents are able to watch, learn, and participate in a Q&A session.

Want to experience the leagues first-hand? 
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Are you looking for information on Middle & High School Leagues? Click Here!

Hailey Caissie:  Hailey loves coaching climbing and teaching life skills with our youngest climbers. She continues to enjoy encouraging kids help each other and progress together.



Gabe Commodore: As an experienced Kids Rock coach and competitive climber, Gabe is thrilled to pass on his league experience to our elementary and middle school competitors.

Practices run Mon, Thurs, and Fri from 5:30-6:30 and begin on Mon, August 26th

Practices are included with (and require) a student membership and program pack.  

Pre-season:    Aug 23rd,  6pm-7:30pm

Comp 1:           Sep 21st,   12pm-2pm

Comp 2:           Oct 19th,   12pm-2pm

Comp 1:           Nov 16th,   12pm-2pm

Comp 1:           Dec 7th,   12pm-2pm

Boulder Scoring (Fall):

  1. Climbers will compete for a 3-hour block of time with problems of varying difficulty. They will have an unlimited number of attempts to complete as many problems as possible.
  2. There will be a minimum of 35 problems. The problems will be ordered to gradually get more difficult. Each problem will receive a point value. As the difficulty increases, so does the problem score.  
  3. Points are awarded for the completion of problems, only.
  4. Each Competitor will have a scorecard of all the problems listed, and completion must be signed off by 2 fellow competitors, a parent, or 1 officiating judge.
  5. Final score is the total of the top 5 completed problems. Attempts will be recorded, but only reviewed in the event of a tie. Climbers with the same score will be ranked according to fewest attempts.
  6. In order to “start” a route, climber must have control of start hold(s), and have both feet on the wall. Problems requiring a sit start will be indicated.
  7. In order to receive full points for a route or problem, the climber must match (control with both hands) on the finish hold or box.
  8. In order to give credit for a problem, a judge must see the entire problem Climbers must verify that the judge is observing before climbing the problem. If the judge does not observe the start of the problem, it will count as a trial but not a completion, even if the problem is completed.

Member options:

Climbing Leagues are included as part of the program pack with your membership to the gym. The league runs over the course of 18 weeks. (Aug- Dec) Memberships are billed monthly on the first of the month. Memberships or program pack may be canceled after the leagues are finished (4-month minimum, unless competitors join mid-season.)   We will offer off-season practices – so we do not automatically cancel memberships/ program packs at the end of the season. If you would like to discontinue coaching, please let us know via email or through the membership management page on our website.

Student Membership:                                                                      $47.20 / month.

  • Unlimited climbing
  • Monthly guest passes for friends / family
  • Pro-shop Discounts
  • Basic and advanced climbing classes
    • Intro to climbing
    • Skills 1
    • Skills 2
    • Lead climbing & belaying instruction/ certification

Unlimited Gear Rental (if needed):                                                     $25 / month.

  • Shoes
  • Harness

Program Pack:                                                                                   $30 / month.

  • Competitive Leagues
    • Weekly Coaching
    • Competitions
    • League Shirt

Non-member / Prepaid options:

Season membership, Competitions & Coaching:                                 $337
Season Gear Rental:                                                                          $100
Competitions only (non-member):                                                       $120



Need a little help?  In cases of need, partial membership scholarships are available.   All applications and awards are kept confidential.  Just tell us a little about what’s going on at our scholarship page.

Current League Standings:

Current standings will appear here as scores are updated.

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