Grow fit together

Struggling to fit 'fitness' into your routine? 

Stop choosing between 'gym time' and 'family time.'

A False Choice


You have plenty of things that take time from your loved ones - a fitness routine shouldn't be one of them.  At The Ascent we have worked to put together an offering that appeals to a wide range of family interests, so you can provide active options for your whole crew.

Why?  Because we have learned that the most important thing to a fitness plan is that we actually do it.  Consistently.  And when it comes to choosing between your time in the gym, or time with your kids, both seem like the right choice. 


Welcome 2017.  This year we climb. Together.

Exercise your Options

Do more with a Family Membership from The Ascent

Climbing at The Ascent


Discover the mental challenge to stay engaged along with the physical demands you need to stay fit. We set routes and offer training that make the sport accessible to almost any fitness level while still challenging elite athletes.

barre 11


Supplement your climbing with barre classes up to once a week from Murfreesboro's Barre 11, with a program pack from The Ascent. Barre uses isolated movements within deeply held postures to acheive strength and tone.

crossfit murfreesboro

Functional Fitness

Join us for functional fitness classes by Crossfit Murfreesboro, including classes that specialize in strength, mobility, and endurance. These classes are taught by CFM's elite level coaches.

yoga on the square

Yoga / Pilates

Experience the benefits of core training, balance, body awareness, and mental discipline that come with yoga and pilates classes by Yoga on the Square.

Open Gym

Open Gym

Train on your own schedule and structure your own regimen with open gym time at Crossfit Murfreesboro 7 days a week.

We're flexible...

Enjoy the freedom of trying all The Ascent has to offer with no contracts to sign

Come Join us

I highly recommend Ascent. I'm terrified of heights, and the staff and ownership of the gym have helped me to overcome a big piece of that fear. Plus, it's fun! I love getting on the walls. The courses change regularly, so it doesn't get stale. My whole family goes. It's a great workout. Ascent rock climbing gym is one of the best times you can have in Murfreesboro. - Dean

Best gym and staff ever!!

Friendly, patient, and knowledgeable staff -- great workout & great music.  – Jennifer

This is an awesome gym! The staff are friendly and know what they're doing and it's a reasonable price. I've been going for a couple months now and got a membership which I'm pleased about! - Gwen

The employees are amazing! Always checking on you and encouraging too!  - Katie

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