Kids Rock is an instructional program offered once a week after school to 1st through 5th graders, which focuses on developing them both mentally and physically.

Over the course of 8 to 16 weeks (depending on the program), our participants are actively learning self-confidence, problem solving, focus, and determination through various goals and challenges, while also keeping active and fit!

The Kids Rock Program is included with the Program Package.  We accept new enrollees the first session of every month, and climbers advance at their own pace.

See our class schedule for a calendar view of our classes.

We inspire kids to strive for improvement, to learn
from their experiences, and to love rock climbing! We guide them
through techniques and celebrate their successes. Kids Rock is a
program that helps grow kids physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Usually, climbers will start at one of the
introductory classes (white or yellow) based on age and familiarity with
the sport.

White class is for kids who have only climbed a few times, need help
putting on their harnesses, or have fear issues. Generally white class
participants are ages 5-8.

Yellow class is for kids who love to climb and are eager to learn more.
Generally these kids are ages 7-10.

The Kids Rock program is intended for 1 st – 5 th graders.
Our program is also open to those who are working with physical and
mental challenges, although some constraints and parental
involvement may be required.

Several of our Kids Rock coaches are climbers
who have grown through our competitive leagues. All of our coaches
undergo background checks, and have demonstrated a genuine heart
for helping your kids learn.

Each class will build on the previous level’s
skills. The classes have an emphasis on safety and the fundamentals of
rock climbing. The series begins with 8 weeks of fundamentals in the
White and Yellow classes.

We schedule 16 weeks to practice intermediate skills like belaying in
the Green class, bouldering in the Blue, and lead climbing in the Black
class. A syllabus is handed out on the first day of class and students
must be demonstrate appropriate skills by the end of the session to
move to the next level. These classes will prepare young climbers to
enter the competitive leagues in middle and high school.

Shoes and a harness are included during
class. If you want to buy your kid their own gear, we are happy to outfit
them with shoes and a harness from our pro shop! We also stock a
variety of chalk bags and other goodies to personalize your climber’s

Each class is one hour a week from 4:00 – 5:00 pm.
Mondays are for White and Yellow class, Tuesdays are for Green and
Blue class, and Wednesdays are for Black class. It is ok if a climber
needs to miss a class or two in the series.

Each week we will cover a new
skill, the seventh and eighth week we will observe the kids and check
off whether they have an understanding of the safety and skills
required to enter the next class.

All classes will be at The Ascent climbing gym. White, Yellow,
Green, and Black will be on the highwall. The Blue class will take place
on the boulder.

Sign up your little climbers online, by phone, or in
person at the front desk of The Ascent.

There are two options for payment:
Kids can have a monthly membership with a program pack for a total
of $77/ mo. This is a good option for families with more than one
climber or kids that will climb more than once a week.

Or Kids Rock can be bought as a package up front:
White & Yellow (8 weeks): $154
Green, Blue, Black (16 weeks): $308