On the second Saturday of each month, we keep the doors open after 10pm for some late night fun!

This is a special recurring event that has been a blast for everyone that comes out. $5 (plus tax) for live music, and we even turn the lights off for some headlamp climbing – just bring your headlamp!

So quick facts:

Who: You and your friends and their friends and their friends…….


  1. Climbing with your friends and making new ones
  2. Live music 10:30pm-12:30am
  3. Headlamp climbing all night!
  4. It’s only $5 without gear. You can’t beat that.

When: 2nd Saturday of each month 10pm – 1am

Where: The Ascent. Bet you guessed that one.

Why: What else are you going to do Saturday from 10pm til 1am? Especially for $5!

Did we say it’s just $5?

DJ’s – If you want to play and can fill a 3-hour set, contact jeremy@climbyourrock.com for more information.

Late Night Climbing