An Ascent monthly membership is the heart of an active lifestyle.  Your membership not only includes unlimited climbing and climbing instruction, but also services from all of these locally-owned and operated partners. 

From bikes to barre, we know it takes a lot to fuel your adventure.  

Month to Month Membership


$59 Individual
$47 Student
$118 Family

  • Unlimited Climbing during regular hours
  • Members-Only Hours
    • M  11am – 2pm
    • W  11am – 2pm
    • F   11am – 2pm
  • Special Event Admissions – Late Night Climbs, Adaptive Climbing, etc
  • 10% Pro Shop Discount
  • Monthly Guest Pass
  • Basic Climbing Classes – Safety, Belay, Intro to Climbing
  • Advanced Climbing Classes – Skills I, Skills II, Lead Climbing, Gym to Crag
  • Fortified Warrior – Open Gym Sessions (one per week)
  • Barre 11 – Barre and Yoga Classes (one per week)
  • SpokeEasy – 1 Hardtail rental per month, 10% off parts and service

Gear Pack (adder)

$25 Ind/Stud
$50 Family

  • Unlimited Harness Rentals
  • Unlimited Shoe Rentals

Program Pack (adder)

$30 Ind/Stud
$60 Family

USA Climbing (Adder)

$50 Ind/Stud

  • 3 Practices Per Week (6 hrs total)
  • Coaching – Designed around full week participation.
  • Includes monthly Ascent League competitions and program pack benefits.

MAC Membership (adder)

$20 Ind/Stud

  • Full access to the Murfreesboro Athletic Cub.

Financial assistance

Don’t let money be the reason you don’t climb! In cases of need, partial scholarships are available. These scholarships are made available by our climbing community and corporate sponsors.  All applications and awards are kept confidential.  Just let us know how we can help!

  • All memberships are month to month.
  • Programming level may be changed at any time.
  • $29 setup required for new memberships.
  • Family members must be in the same household.

PrePaid Memberships

*Prepaid memberships receive all the benefits of the month to month membership.
*Addition of Youth Programming requires a month to month setup.

individual 1 mo

$75 Climbing only
$100 Climbing and Gear

Student 1 mo

$62 Climbing only
$87 Climbing and Gear

Family 1 mo

$150 Climbing only
$200 Climbing and Gear

College semester memberships

Semester memberships are available the first month of the semester and end on these days.

Fall:                Dec 31, 
Spring:           May 30, 
Summer:        Aug 31.

Come see us to find out more, or just sign up below and we’ll be ready for you

Full Semester of climbing

$75 Climbing only
$125 Climbing and Gear