We Are Moving!

Amid the finalization of The Crag partnership and the COVID-19 shutdown, we received notice from our landlord that we were not going to be allowed to reopen in our current location in Murfreesboro.  

After exhausting options and requests for extending our stay, at the beginning of May we began the process of preparing for a move.  During this time we have been weighing options for sustaining the climbing community here in Murfreesboro, while complying with our landlord’s request.

 After much consideration, and in conjunction with our new partners at The Crag, we are moving forward on two fronts.

Phase 1:

For the immediate future, all Ascent programming, memberships, punch passes and gift cards will be honored at both Crag facilities (Nashville and Franklin) as those reopen after the pandemic shutdown.  Climbing space is still limited, post-pandemic, so make sure to see The Crag’s website for specifics on operations, hours, and locations, and sign up for climbing times:  www.iloverockclimbing.com.  Currently, Franklin has reopened, and Nashville is scheduled for early June, provided the city’s gains against the virus are maintained. 

In addition If you would like to train at home, coaches Hailey and Rhett (along with our Crag partners) are currently offering online training through The Crag’s virtual fitness community and youth training groups.  Regardless of your membership status, you can participate in these sessions or any others via their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cragclimbingandfitness/ or website: https://iloverockclimbing.com/virtual-crag/

Stay tuned for word from your coaches on specifics for in-facility practice times, as we coordinate with an evolving schedule of availability for the gyms.

Phase 2:

We are also now searching for both a short-term home in the Boro to get our community back closer to home, and a more permanent solution, long-term – if those are not the same option.  

We are looking forward to sharing more details on that as they are available!

While this certainly isn’t what we expected only a few short months ago, we are excited about the new possibilities and opportunities that this opens up for our climbing community long-term.

Our climbing community has never been about the facility we inhabit, but about you and the community that you guys have made.  We know you will have lots of questions that will come up during this time of transition, please feel free to reach out to jeff@climbyourrock.com or kim@iloverockclimbing.com and we will answer them and post them for public Q&A