May 22 - New Partnership and Facility Plans!

Hello Ascent Family!


Hope everyone has been healthy and sane during this time.  We know everyone is eager to get back climbing soon.


We are too.

In the 2 months we have been away, we have finalized some very exciting news that we are finally able to share!


We are excited to announce AN OPERATING PARTNERSHIP WITH THE CRAG in Franklin and Nashville!  The community at the Crag has been a long-standing partner community, and we believe that formalizing this partnership will enhance both of our communities.  These efforts actually pre-dated the COVID-19 disruption, and we had been finalizing the details as the pandemic hit us.   We believe this is a significant increase in the value of your Ascent membership, and have been very eager to share the news as soon as we could.


This partnership allows us to:

  1. Extend our competitive leagues throughout middle TN and offer you a broader competition base as well as expanded competition and coaching options. 

  2. Offer you access to more climbing facilities / routes / boulder problems for more challenges and faster growth / improvement.

  3. Maintain the community atmosphere you have come to know and love here at The Ascent.


Starting May 25th, your Ascent membership will be upgraded to include access to The Crag family of facilities without changing your rate as long as you continue your membership without interruption.   Since we have frozen monthly billing effective March 18, you will need to OPT IN to resume (unfreeze) your memberships here:  Please do this in the next 30 days to retain your current rate.  

If you had a prepaid membership, your membership length will be extended by 60 days to make up for the time lost during the shutdown.  



Amid the partnership finalization and the COVID shutdown, we got some disruptive news at the end of April. We received notice from our landlord that we were not going to be allowed to reopen in our current location in Murfreesboro.   After exhausting options and requests for extending our stay, two weeks ago we began the process of preparing for a move.  During this time we have been weighing options for sustaining the climbing community here in Murfreesboro, while complying with our landlord’s request.


After much consideration, and in conjunction with our new partners at The Crag, we are moving forward on a couple of fronts.


Phase 1:

For the immediate future, all Ascent programming, memberships, punch passes and gift cards will be honored at The Crag facilities (both current locations – Nashville and Franklin) as those reopen after the pandemic shutdown.  Climbing space is still limited, post-pandemic, so make sure to see The Crag’s website for specifics on operations, hours, and locations, and sign up for climbing times:  Currently, Franklin has reopened, and Nashville is scheduled for early June, provided the city’s gains against the virus are maintained. 


We recognize this is probably not an ideal situation for those of us who live in the Boro, but we believe you will very quickly come to love the community and facilities The Crag has built to this point, and we are working hard to find a new Murfreesboro home as soon as possible.


In addition If you would like to train at home, coaches Hailey and Rhett (along with our Crag partners) are currently offering online training through The Crag’s virtual fitness community and youth training groups.  Regardless of your membership status, you can participate in these sessions or any others via their facebook page or website:


Stay tuned for word from your coaches on specifics for in-facility practice times, as we coordinate with an evolving schedule of availability for the gyms.


Phase 2:

We are also now searching for both a short-term home in the Boro to get our community back closer to home, and a more permanent solution, long-term – if those are not the same option.  


We are looking forward to sharing more details on that as they are available!


While this certainly isn’t what we expected only a few short months ago, we are excited about the new possibilities and opportunities that this opens up for our climbing community long-term.


Our climbing community has never been about the facility we inhabit, but about you and the community that you guys have made.  We know you will have lots of questions that will come up during this time of transition, please feel free to reach out to or and we will answer them and post them for public Q&A on  


Thank you for making The Ascent what it has become, and we are looking forward to this new chapter in competitive climbing for middle TN!  


We love you guys!

The Ascent Team

April 6th Update - Continued Closure in cooperation with state and local directives.

At this time we are not publishing a reopen date.  We will defer to our state and local leaders for that decision.  Please do your part and stay home as we fight this together!  The more diligent we are, the quicker we will get through this.  We are looking forward to when we will be able to climb again as a community!  Until then, please continue to follow us on social media (Facebook and Instagram) for updates, and daily challenges.

For our active members:  We will continue to suspend billing until the facility reopens.  

For anyone who is able to support us:  If you are able and willing, we ask you to help us with ongoing facility expenses that continue despite the closure.  We are offering gift vouchers with bonus value for anyone who is able to continue to support us during this time. 

Vouchers may be redeemed for any service at any time once we are allowed to climb again.  There is no limit to the number you can purchase.  Any purchase you can make is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for your understanding and your support!  

Stay healthy and active, and enjoy time with your families!

The Ascent Team.

Mar 19, 2020 - Temporary suspension of operations.

Effective Immediately, we will suspend our in-facility operations until Monday April 6th.  

Updates will be coming on our Social media pages – we will continue to offer workouts, coaching and training outlines, climbing outings, etc. for the time our facility is unavailable.

For our members:  we will suspend billing until the facility reopens, if you are experiencing hardship during these times, please let us know – we want to help you stay involved!  Email Jeff, and we will find a solution for you.

For anyone who would like to support us: we are offering 2 free visits on 5-punch pass purchases through April 6th! 

Thank you for your understanding and your support!  We’ll see you again in a couple of weeks!

Stay healthy and active, and enjoy time with your families!

The Ascent Team.

Mar 17, 2020 - Operational Update

Hello, friends and family – fellow climbers!  We have some significant updates for the operation of The Ascent as we get through this period.  Please see below:

Due to the increased proliferation of the COVID-19 virus, and our nation’s response to contain the transmission of the virus, we are following the recommendations of the US government and the CDC to limit the size of public gatherings at the gym.  We take our public health seriously, and will be constantly reviewing and considering best practices, new information, and your feedback.

Please exercise your best judgment in deciding whether and when to climb with us, based on your exposure to potential virus sources, current health, and others in your sphere of influence who may be more vulnerable to possible infection.


Coaching Sessions / Competitions:

Effective Immediately, our Competitive Leagues and team coaching will be rescheduled to the blocks as indicated below to eliminate the overlap of any scheduled prgramming.  The gym will be available primarily or exclusively to participants of our Youth Leagues, Elementary Leagues, USA Leagues, and Kids Rock programs during the hours of 2pm-8pm Monday through Friday.  Your coaches will contact you to schedule your practice time.  Practices will initially be limited to once per week so we can make sure we have space for all of our competitors and participants.  Our regularly scheduled competitions will run in small groups during your scheduled practice times.  Contact MarkHaileyRhett, or Logan for more information.

COVID Schedule

Members’ Climbing:

We are asking our non-program members to climb between 6pm-10pm on M-F or any time Saturday and Sunday.  We will not be open 11am-2pm MWF.  Please exercise proper social distancing techniques during this time. 

If you are not actively climbing, please refrain from ‘hanging out’ at the gym. We love your company, but we would like to make our climbing sessions as efficient as is practical to allow everyone opportunity to enjoy the sport.

Non-member Climbing:

We are limiting gym capacity to 8 climbers during each available block labeled ‘Open Climbing.’  Please check availability and reserve your climbing time by following the link below.  Walk-ins will be accepted, but priority will be given to reservations.  Sunday will be reserved for Family Day climbing.

We will monitor traffic and may adjust availability as the need arises.

Classes, Parties, Lock-ins, Other events.

For the time being, all of our climbing clinics, parties, and large group events are postponed through April 3rd.

Cleaning Protocols

We are committed to providing a safe climbing environment – including at the microscopic level.  

The following additional cleaning protocols have been instituted at this time:

  • Nightly sanitization of climbing wall and holds (yes, really.)
  • Supplemental periodic cleaning of common surfaces throughout the day (tables, electronics, door handles, water fountains, belay equipment, etc.)
We will continue to provide
  • Hand-sanitizer as available.  (We also recommend that you bring your own and use frequently during your climbing session.)
  • Good old-fashioned soap and water.

Deals and Vouchers

With the severely limited capacity that we are currently running, unfortunately, we cannot accept deal vouchers at this time.  If you have a voucher that expires during this period, we will gladly honor it on the other side of this disruption.

Thanks for understanding!!

By now you have probably gotten many updates from many local businesses.  As they probably have, we promise to keep you up to date on any changes as they unfold.

For now, thank you for your continued support and if we can answer any questions for you, please don’t hesitate to call us!  615-796-6545

All the best,
The Ascent Team