growing together

Climbing is an inherently growth-oriented sport.  At The Ascent, we focus our programming on 3 fundamentals that we believe are essential to Personal Growth.

  1. Community: A supportive, growth-minded, and others’-focused community is key to creating positive momentum.

  2. Growth-Focus:  ‘The Growth Loop’ puts focus on the process rather than the results to develop a habit of growth.

  3. Give Back:  Intentionally helping others achieve their goals is essential to our own development.  


Competitive Climbing

Competitive climbing options are available for climbers ages 6-24.

Kid's Rock

Kids Rock is an instructional program offered once a week after school to pre-K through 5th grade.  The program focuses on developing them both mentally and physically.

USA Climbing - Travel Team

USA Climbing is a high level competitive training program designed to prepare young climbers (ages 8-18) physically and mentally, to compete with climbers across the state, region, and country. The coaching sessions are intensive and tailored to your unique abilities. 

Adventure Trips

If you love the outdoors and the sport of climbing, Outdoor climbing is an adventure you won’t forget! For your first trips outdoors, it is important that you go with an experienced team. There are differences in outdoor climbing that require additional technique and expertise from the indoor sport. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered.

Adaptive Climbing

Help us broaden the climbing community by volunteering or participating in adaptive climbing!