Team Building at The Ascent

The Ascent is inviting local businesses to “Climb Your Rock” together in a NEW and UNIQUE team building experience. Our team training program combines the challenge of rock climbing and business-focused facilitation. The program is also customizable for your team and the situations you are facing.

We all know it – teamwork is the key to any business’s success. But taking your team to the highest level of performance? That may take a new kind of test. Our climbing wall takes the trust fall to the next level, and the boulder will put teams in a head to head competition that will raise the stakes. Trust, problem solving, and resilience will all be highlighted during our discussions.

Experiential learning is about taking teams out of their familiar environment, experiencing a challenge and making clear connections to business concepts. The key to the program is the reflection on learning, which will be carried out by group discussions, individual thought work, and small group dialogue.