1 day

$14 Climbing only
$20 Climbing and Gear

5 days (punch card)

$60 Climbing only
$90 Climbing and Gear

10 days (punch card)

$99 Climbing only
$150 Climbing and Gear

All passes include FREE belay lessons for anyone 12 years old or older.

Multi-day punch cards are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
Punch cards may be shared.
All prices are subject to sales tax.

What to expect on your first visit


Check in and fill out the waiver (if you haven’t already).   Then you will get a quick orientation to the facility and the different types of climbing we have available. 


You will get one-on-one training with one of our friendly staff members. They will go over proper bouldering technique (ages 12 +) and best practices for climbing and belaying.  This will take about 15-20 minutes.


Get Climbing! We will show you how to read the wall and routes, and give you a couple of climbing tips to help you get the most out of your time at the gym.

How to Belay

Play Video

Belaying is an important part of climbing that anyone 14 or over can learn to do at the gym. We do have auto belay systems where climbers can climb without a belayer, but most of our ropes require someone from your group be trained to belay. Learn to belay before you come, so you can get right to climbing when you get here!

Frequently asked questions

Belaying is the technique of controlling the rope so that a climber does not fall far. The belayer is at the opposite end of the rope as the climber on top rope. The gym does not provide staff belayers. Instead, we train and certify everyone who is over 13 to belay each other. That way you spend more time on the wall rather than waiting for a belayer.

Belay testing and certification is free.  Watch the video above to learn how to belay before you come in.  Then when you get here, we will run through the technique with you.  Don’t worry if you don’t get it right away, we will make sure you can belay safely before letting you belay your friends and family.

You must be at least 14 years old to belay.

For the boulder; no younger than 12.  Since bouldering has no ropes for fall protection, it is reserved for more mature climbers, who understand the risks associated with the sport.  For our high walls we recommend 5 years old, in some cases a child younger than that can fit in our children’s full body harness.  Our adult harnesses will fit up to a 40 inch waist.

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing without a rope and over a significantly padded area to protect a climber during falls.

Bouldering is a fun way to climb, but it can be dangerous if not approached correctly.   Our staff will give you an orientation to the boulder and proper falling technique before you begin to boulder.

This is a helpful video to understand proper falling technique

Falling video

Things to Remember

  • A minimum age of 12 is required to enjoy the boulder
  • Topping out is allowed around designated Black Runner only, exit via staircase
  • Please exit the top of the boulder promptly, no exceptions

Yes.  We have 4 auto-belay stations on the high wall with a variety of route difficulties.   As well as a high wall, we also have a 2500 square foot boulder that is 12 feet in height that you can climb by yourself.  We will be happy to go over the basics of bouldering with you!

Comfortable clothing that will not inhibit your movement.  Yoga pants, athletic pants, long shorts, t-shirts and tank tops all work great. If you will be renting climbing shoes be sure to wear or bring socks.

On the boulder, we use the v-scale to rate the difficulty of problems.  Difficulty levels are marked by the starting hold.

V0 – V2 (beginner)

V3 – V4 (moderate)

 V5 – V6 (difficult)

 V7+ (very difficult)

The highwall side of climbing our gym uses the Yosemite Decimal System. For example, you see a 5.10a on the wall. This means:

  • The 5 designates vertical face climbing (technical)
  • The .10 denotes the actual difficulty of the climb, Lower = Easier while HIGHER = HARDER
  • The A is part of a four way split in grading once you reach .10 (EX: 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D, 11A, 11B, ETC)
  • For grades under .10, you will only see the number, or with A +/- (EX: 3, 4-, 5+, 7, 8-, 9+, ETC).

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1. Fill Out Waiver

Everyone who enters the facility must fill out a waiver. Fill it out in advance to get climbing faster.

2. Check the FAQ

The FAQ contains answers to our first time visitors’ most commonly asked questions.

3. Start Climbing

The Ascent is located at 831 PArk Ave, in Murfreesboro. We are right down the Street from MayDay.

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